Learn and go with the flow to get where you want to go

About Us

"LEARN AND GO WITH THE FLOW TO GET WHERE YOU WANT TO GO" started out as a book to teach geography to kids - ages 4 to 8, in English, Spanish and Portuguese. GR8GEO is based on the book.


This website's main goal is to make it easy and simple for children to understand the world we live in, and consequently to make it a better place to live.


GR8GEO is an open forum for new ideas.


The participation of teachers, parents, and students is warmly welcome.

Our mission

Our mission is to create awareness about the wonderful world we live in by bringing always up-to-date content and information for young students, their parents and their teachers.

Our Team

Maria Duha Klinger

Maria Duha-Klinger is an educator who has broad experience in communication and education.


In the 70s she received a BA in communications from Faculdade Estacio de Sa in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She then enrolled at The Global Village at the New School in New York where she graduated in Video Editing. 


In the early 80s, Maria created with Candido Mendes the first Brazilian television show in the United States featuring music and news from Brazil. “Sounds Brazilian” was broadcast initially in New York with high Nielsen Rates expanding later to California.


After Sounds Brazilian success she partnered with the Brazilian producer, writer and composer Nelson Motta in New York to release Brazilian Music in the U.S. as well as to produce BrazilFest for Lincoln Center Out of Doors for more than 13 years.


In early 2000 she was accepted into the Teaching Fellows program in New York. While she was training in Harlem and the Bronx to become a teacher, she earned a Masters Degree in the Science of Education from Hunter College.


Since then she has dedicated her life to helping underprivileged children in disadvantaged neighborhoods in New York City.


GR8 GEO is a spin-off of the website “LEARN AND GO WITH THE FLOW” GEOGRAPHY FOR KIDS  that she created, developed and maintained since 2007.


Maria believes that by helping to create awareness in children about the world they live in as well as their rights and obligations, they will become better citizens and consequently they will live their lives with justice and respect for nature and others.

Rafaela Gargioni Duha Righi

Rafaela Duha Righi has been working in marketing communications for the past 7 years She started her career in her native Brazil, where she obtained a B.A. in Business Administration.


Now living in Canada, Rafaela is taking courses at Camosun on a graduate level which explores the media revolution’s impact on consumer behavior and market trends, as well as the utilization of blogs, websites, and social media, to create multi-channel digital access to mass markets.


Utilizing her skills and embodying those concepts described above she has produced, created and implemented our site GR8 GEO to add an additional dimension to the teaching of geography to young children .

Tobias Balsemão Righi

Tobias Righi was born and raised in the state of Rio Grande do Sul located at the Southern most part of Brazil. His home state

borders the countries of Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay.


This rich geographical and cultural influences made him curious about all aspects of geography since his early years. For the past ten years, Tobias has been working with Information Technology. He holds a BA in Computer Science

and obtained a post-graduate degree in Project Management with emphasis on IT.


Currently living in Victoria, Canada Tobias is working as a senior software developer, He is applying his knowledge and

expertise in helping us develop and maintain our site as consultant.