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Climate is how the atmosphere “acts” over long periods of time.

In the desert regions the weather is dry. In the tropics it is hot and humid. In the mountains it is cold. Some mountains are covered with snow year round.

The atmosphere is the air that we breathe. Plants and animals need air to survive.​ The atmosphere is a protective layer of gasses that surrounds the entire planet.

Weather is the conditions of the atmosphere over a short period of time.

Weather is local and temporary.

WARNING! Earth is getting warmer!

The Earth has gone through changes in temperature before but now scientists are alerting us about the increase of extreme weather.

Climate change – Global Warming

The oceans, the land, the air, the plants and animals, and the energy from the Sun all affect each other to make everything work in balance together .


Nothing changes in one place without changing something in another place.


Consequences of Global Warming
  • Impact on the environment

  • Glaciers and Ice at the poles are melting

  • Ocean levels will rise

  • Migration of people and animals to cooler places

  • Extreme weather like rains, floods,  droughts, hurricanes


  • Save water

  • Don't create more garbage

  • Reuse and Recycle

  • Don't Pollute

  • Walk, Bike and use Public Transportation instead of cars

  • Use Solar and Wind Energy (sustainable sources) instead of Fossil Fuel Energy

Fossil fuel Energy is the energy created by the remains of plants, animals and other living things that lived many thousands of years ago. It is something that can be burned to produce energy. It includes coal, oil, petroleum and natural gas. Fossil Fuel Energy creates pollution in the atmosphere.