Multiple Intelligences

Howard Gardner is an educator, psychologist, and Harvard professor who ,in his book “Frame of Mind”, released in 1983, revolutionized the way education is perceived.

Gardner proposed the “theory of multiple intelligences”. He asserted that humans have different ways of thinking and learning. Therefore, children should be taught and assessed according to their ability and aptitude.

Initially Howard Gardner identified seven abilities or intelligences: 1.musical/rhythmic and harmonic, 2.visual-spatial, 3. verbal-linguistic, 4. logical-mathematical, 5. bodily – kinesthetic, 6- interpersonal, and 7 – Intrapersonal.

Later, in 1995, he added two more intelligences/ aptitudes: Naturalistic and Existential.

In 2013 , revising his work, he proposed including “teaching-pedagogical intelligence” which allows us to be able to teach other people successfully.

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